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Let’s meet on August 18th 2018 in person or online. You can watch and try target, field, historical and 3D archery. Let’s have fun together with all the active archers and the future ones at Gyula or also on the website. Sign up here:
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Gyula, Hungary


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Gyula, Gyulai vár 10:00 - 16:00, Hungary

Archery for everyone

Archery is open to just anyone!
Virtually every age group is able to practice this sport. Young or elder, male or female, disabled or abled bodied people can easily join and enjoy archery
If you want to try, we are waiting for you in Gyula, next to the castle.

Gyula, Thermal Camping 10:00 - 16:00, Hungary

Mixed competition with 12 targets

Register as a team (4 participants) or as a family and try target, field, 3D, historical archery and also bowhunter! It is not really a competition. It is just for fun. You can show you are also good in the other disciplines and it is a chance to get into the mood to compete in other kinds of competitions.

Gyula, Kapus-híd 9:00 - 17:00, Hungary

The great Duel

Participation with invitation only by HAA.

If you are curious who will win the main prize worth 100 000 HUF from our Hungarian top 16 archers in compound and recurve categories, you must be one of the fans. We will divide 250 000 HUF/category. Archers will shoot 5x3 arrows in each round. Then the 1st-4th placed will shoot in the semfinal.

The distance is 60 meters in each category.

Gyula, Gyulai vár 15:00 - 17:30, Hungary

Gap on the Shield

Do you like teamwork? Are you accurate and looking for challenges? Accept it! Sign up your 3-member-team.

At one time, 2 teams shoot to the small gap between the targets by sides in one direction. 60 seconds are available per turn. The team which shot the most arrows in the round at the gap, gets the point. The target distance is 35 meters, a match is 3 rounds. The two most points scored in a decisive duel race. 

Pre-registration is not required.

It is open for: historical bow, longbow, traditional recurve bow.



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